ASPERA-3 Software

Software tools related to ASPERA-3.
* pkttool-1.116
Python software that can read the raw data.
Requires Python 2.5. For .py files with "/usr/bin/env python" on the first line, replace by "/usr/bin/env python2.5"

ASPERA-3 Commanding

Information about commands executed by ASPERA-3.
Since 2009(?) ESAC is responsible for commanding.
The medium term planning (MTP) covers about one month and is done by MREQ files, described in the Instrument_Request_File_Definition.
The short term planning (STP) covers one week and is done by ITL files, described in MEX_SGS_to_PI_ICD


Software that provides geometry for Mars Express and ASPERA-3.

NAIF's website

Kernels at ESTEC

Kernels at JPL (mirror of ESTEC)